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THANK YOU for choosing me to help you on this vocal journey of yours! When i think of ALL of the different

elements that go into making someone a GREAT vocal performer i literally get overwhelmed. There are so many 

elements, so many moving parts, and honestly even with the tools that I share with you, NOTHING is

going to get you where you want to be as a voclist like putting the time in, on AND off stage. On thIs journey

TIME and experience are your best friends so let me start out by saying, BE PATIENT with yourself. Its important

that you put these tools to use DAILY, and if you can, try and perform at least once a week. Maybe right now you’re 

thinking “Once a week?!” lol. Any time you sing in front of people I consider that a performance. So sing for friends 

and family if you have to, visit open mics, Karaoke even! These are tools that if you dont USE, you WILL lose! 

Lets get started!!   

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